The couple walked slowly through the corridors, Thor allowing Jane to see what she wanted and take mental notes to talk about later. "Yes Father, would you mind if we spoke outside." Hermione was very broken, she still had her friends Harry Potter, Draco, Ginny, Neville, Luna, etcBut there was now a hole in her heart. What if a group of misfits can help show her the light, show her a real life and maybe along the way show her what tru Jane's neice, Sam, is really pretty bored at the thought of asgard but at least she can bring her motorcycle and guitar. Steve shrugged. A mercenary, but with a past even he isn't aware of. RATING - PG-13+CONTENT WARNING: 'The Asgardian Prince and The Gryffindor Princess' has Mature content sprinkled throughout. A seemingly simple trader, but with secrets that only Clint can see. "Thor be quiet! [Author's Note: This is my first time writing in this fandom, but I knew immediately than when I started, it would have to be Darcy/Bruce all the way. Series. And when Vals not looking, he looks up at her with an expression of absolute adoration and reverence, the sun pulling him out of the dark. Loki shuts down after the events of Midgard and Jotunheim, but Thor still loves him. Only one question remains after that day Darcy never imagines that anything could ever be weirder than finding out Tony Stark is her father, but then aliens fall from the sky and she falls for Captain America, not that her dad can ever know. Thor - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,032 - Reviews: 35 - Favs: 148 - Follows: 25 - Published: May 29, 2011 - Jane F., Thor - Complete. Jane holds Thor's body, trying to use Mjolnir to resuscitate him. For Darkness cannot exist without the Light. Thor bowed respectively, Jane also curtsying. Being (Y/n) Stark was never easy. Thor never knew his daughter, she was taken from him the moment her mother held her in her arms. Hermione doesn't remember the man named Loki who had been best friends with her since she was 11 years old. El tiempo avanza, y slo puede concentrarse pensando que esos momentos no se convertirn en el recuerdo ms triste de su vida. She never expected anything exciting to happen to her. It was supposed to be a standard Vegas trip: drinking, gambling, a night out on the town with your best friend, Jane. ", "No no. Odin gets a closer look at her cunt and he feels desire course through his veins. Picks up where Thor: The Dark World leaves off - the kiss! Simon Walker is a regular 9 year old who loves climbing trees, exploring and playing with his best friend Frankie. Two large gold doors stood in front of the pain, intern ate designs covering the otherwise smooth surface. In the aftermath, Midgard spirals into chaos Loki did not create, Loki graciously volunteers to restore order. Crown prince Loki runs away from home when his mother, Queen Thor announces she is pregnant with Odin's child.when he comes back, Odin goes to war leaving him all alone with his mommy Thor, making him act on his long held love for her. She wanted marriage. This is her story as the Goddess of the Flame. From what seems like endless enemies to their equally unending thirst to get rid of them to having their whole private lives exposed to the world. With the Avengers new anti-aging serum, things are going to be even more crazy when the family starts to expand during the kid's adult life. So when he meets an absurdly gorgeous doctor named Stephen and his equally absurdly adorable young daughter Wanda, he figures he can keep his romantic life and his professional life fully separated. TVA Loki meets a Thor variant out on his travels, and marks the similarities between them. Its November 2009 after all, and the people have questions. 31 Stories. Hari Potter walked to her death having 'Mastered' all three Deathly Hallows, not that she knew it. Phillipjarayan'coulson - Aalveyn, blessed by Light. Well, it will come, but not as she expects it. Jane Foster/Thor (4166) Pepper Potts/Tony Stark (1806) Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers (1108) . Married Life; Teenage Dorks; Parenthood; Mild Sexual Content; Threesome - F/M/M; Domestic Fluff; POV Alternating; . 289 10 2. thorandjane # 6. (Not a stand-alone. Odin noted stiffly. At her coronation, however, all hell broke loose. On the 11th of October 1941, Simon went out to play and disappeared. Warning: Lots of Volstagg's children are running around. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! They don't need to get caught up in everything that Jane did when she started dating Thor. To assist him in his tasks, he recruits a mortal astrophysicist, an army of Winter Soldiers, a Wakandan princess, and an extraterrestrial feline. Since his school days, Loki has been fond of creating havoc and therefore earned the nickname God of Mischief, he especially enjoys teasing his sibling, Thor. The storyline is inspired by Jane Eyre.This is not a canon-compliant story, I'm borrowing the characters and make them do other weird things. But one day, she accidentally places herself in the same building as the god of mischief. ", Without hesitation, he tightly gripped her hand with his own, whispering to her in a broken voice, "Always.". Language: English Words: 6,181 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 7 Kudos: 640 Bookmarks: 113 Hits: 18604 The Odinson family have been living on Midgard for many centuries ever since the horror's of Asgard happened. Loki and Jane are becoming a problem in scientific circles. Nor did she know what accepting her death would unleash - the banished Norse Goddess of Death, freed from her unjust imprisonment by her own father. Darcy prefers the Middle. The follow up for the series 'The new'. "Ah son!" Aurians may be weaker, but they are stubborn, oh so stubborn. Smut. Straight to a certain dark-haired, green-eyed God of Mischief, as it so happens. Meanwhile up on Asgard Jane marvelled at the castles interior, after not having chance when she first came up to the home of her lover. Part 6 of MCU Rewrites; Language: English Words: 8,873 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 4 Bookmarks: 2 Hits: 588 Thor is tired of losing everything, so when the universe spits him out in a time where he can fix it all, well, even Thor would be foolish to not seize the opportunity. [Post-Thor: Love and Thunder] Hes there in the afterlife shes chosen, always watching, always wanting. Was that too much to ask?! Might Add A Better Summary Later. "We got to start planning the wedding." Angela shouted. Despite the nickname, Y/N is a very talented fighter and is just as successful as anyone else. After twenty years, Thor is king, and he seeks companionship from the stable boy. Loki Laufeyson didn't plan on kidnapping Jane Foster's intern, anything to crush Thor was enough for him Then why does he feel so guilty about hurting her? You find yourself unexplainably in the world of your fandom. AU story taking place during Amazing Spider-Man 119-122. There is no rhyme or reason behind them. And sure, things weren't always as sweet as pie with the God of Mischief, but you could trust him. Clint Barton - Human, blessed by Darkness. "Dahlia Raine" I stated reluctantly. They don't need to know he's also an alien shapeshifter superhero. tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits. After a few moments, Thor sniffles loudly and mumbles, Youre lucky that my need to hug you right now greatly outweighs my wish to throw you off of this fucking cliff, you sneaky and undying little bitch.. Bucky said, watching the female assassin head back towards the elevator. How wrong he was, Jane ended up ripping the Thunder God's heart out causing him to return to Asgard broken and dejected. His dark brown eyes sparkle in the New Mexican sunrise when she makes an impulsive joke about his muscled arms, almost as big around as Thors. The bright lights make him wince as he and the once again formed Venom watch their boyfriend leave on a deadly mission but he had a plan.---. They move through their paces against the training automatons, and Jane revels in the power rushing through her healthy veins. Beginning with an event from Thor: The Dark World, the plot thickens through Avengers: Endgame, with several twists along the way. Even worse? The couple enjoy a fancy dinner and a pleasant . BLINDSPOT/S.W.AT./ROSEWOOD/BLOOD AND TREASURE/GREY'S ANATOMY B-TEAM/THE VILLAGE/AND OTHER'S,TBA. From all of his biological family being murdered by a mad mob leader and being hunted down across the country by said mob leader, having his adoptive parents enemies almost succeed in ruining their lives and not no mention actually falling flat on his face right as he was trying to have his first kiss ever with the girl he was head over heels for. This will probably be the longest fic I've ever written lol. Thor's angry, desperate-sounding words in the infirmary on the Statesman. Read to find out. Loki and Jane have a baby. TRIGGER WARNING: ABUSE AND SWEARING Work Search: What does she do with the newly-chosen immortal Witch? female Thor feels with hard porn. In Amazing Spider-Man #2 by Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr., a month after Mary Jane has gotten close to a pair of kids who call her "Mommy," Peter has his own pair of young kids that enter his life . At the beginning of the war, before the winter soldier, there was one other, Hydra's first survivor. With the MCU and Riodanverse.-------- Odin nodded once before following his son out into the warm, bright Asgardian sun. Yet, they were not the oddest thing. It's a text from Natasha, a picture someone drew of Steve with a Dorito for a body and Bucky laughs so hard he almost falls off the counter and ends up signing up for a 'Tumblr' because he needs more of this in his life. Your Father, a well known and respected military leader, has left to aid in the war, leaving you behind to care for your younger sister, Cordelia. Hi, my name is Isabella Nilsson. Jane grinned, letting the God lead her up to the roof where the bifrost would open, transporting them to the kingdom covered in gold. So when Jane Foster arrived at New Asgard, the its-complicated ex of her best friend, that would be a terrible time to break that habit.Then again, Val never made the wisest of choices. Rated: Fiction M - English - Family/Friendship - Thor, Jane F., Darcy L., Loki - Chapters: 97 - Words: 198,958 - Reviews: 152 - Favs: 168 - Follows: 108 - Updated: 8/9/2016 - Published: 4/5/2016 - Status: Complete - id: 11882016 + . Kuri was Lokis elder sister and the Crown Princess of Asgard. I've read some of these and decided to try my hand at this! "What do you reckon he needs to ask Odin?" Suddenly her world goes upside down when the frost giants attack killing her father and enslaving her and her mother. Bucky and Steve try to survive while putting an end to the rampage. King Thor has been cursed and is incapable of siring heirs. After Gorr dies, the two set off to raise the child to be a hero. Alina, a Demigoddess an. Dr. Jane Foster knew many things. There isn't a timeline for this book so it will be all over the place but that's "Lady Foster!" Peter Parker thought he had suffered enough from life. They move through their paces against the training automatons, and Jane revels in the power rushing through her healthy veins. Female reader insert! The old man is nothing if not in love with himself." For Darkness cannot exist without the Light. Follow Tony through the years, jumping from birthday party to birthday party, as he tries to come to terms with living with and having expectations of a group of rag-tag, superhero, friend-adjacent teammates and I try to fix the MCU one plot hole at a time. Due to someunfortunate circumstances, the baby's maternal family died, so she was taken by her father to safety on Asgard. uotev. "Come, we are here." Raising their toddler. Will help come in time? I don't really know all that much about the woman, other than the fact that she was a Madam.". Jane said carefully, slightly afraid as to what Thor wanted to ask her. Throughout the vast multiverse, there is always the chance to see the relationships that could have been. What if in another timeline where everything is almost the same except, Thor is a girl and saves Loki from falling off the Bifrost and she falls instead. However, Thor didn't know this, and so Jane is alive without Thor's knowledge. Apparently yes, yes it was. Avengers | Erik Selvig Loki Thor | Fantasy Romance Loki Love Story Thor Jane Darcy. In the meantime, Darcy is on the case to find a man to fuck the re-growing virginity out of her. I'm not a genius or scientist and I will admit that some of my research comes from Wikipedia (the rest comes from a deep relationship with all things sugar-ful), but I hope you will think kindly on me and enjoy the journey of these two mismatched lovers regardless. Rated M for a reason! Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Family - [Thor, Jane F.] OC - Chapters: 3 - Words: . What if that Thor was hired by the TVA to help find the Variant Loki. When one of the alien's appears in her lab at night, compliments her work, and trades her a kiss for answers, she knows better than to accept, but something about him has her making all the wrong decisions. Thor Is Not Stupid. by IwriteFanfics. All rights to the MCU belong to Disney!~. Shes fine. ~My co-writer/best friend and I only own our characters! The thing is, Odinson wasn't wrong when he deflected her question back. tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson", A rewrite of Love and Thunder set in the same universe as the last story in this series.---I promise to return once the butcherer is dead but until then I have another adventure to go on. Thor said and Peter knew that he wasnt going to convince the god so he compromised instead. You are made queen and your dear husband is king. Fallen [The Avengers . This one we explore her relationship with Darcy as Jane sneaks out of her chemo appointment to be The Mighty Thor and save a downed weather satellite. They are meant for greatness, to help usher in the Sixth Eternity, a time of peace and prosperity for the Races of Marvala. And there was an ultimatum from Odin- that she either accept the transformation ritual to . "As in by trade. She stopped counting at one hundred and three, she was sixteen. It devastated her, Ron had left her for Lavender Brown when she had turned up after the carnage of the final battle, not dead. Loki likes maintaining his superhero secret identity, thank you very much. What if Loki fell in while teleporting during the year 1997 and met Draco and Harry? Sam Wilson Captain America & Jane Foster Thor. @Crissdragon: In some alternate reality . He catches her perusal and his return smile is the first hint of all the good things that follow. A bit too much of the first, though, has you pass outthrough your entire wedding! Or are they all to be gifts to Mistress Death? 18 year old, Avery Foster, has been having weird dreams since she turned 16 involving a certain tall, dark haired, pale skinned god. I'm 24 years old and a witch. Everything is going fine until the boss of the rival mafia, the Howling Commandos, starts meddling.Mafia!Bucky x Mafia!Reader(This is a reader insert, think of the name Persephone as a nickname or a code name, there will be more Y/n used later. Frost got up. When all else fails, he turns to Asgard's hermit witch. You know one thing: you can't directly tell anyone what happens in the future. In these times Thor looks so peaceful at last; he likes to hold Janes hand while theyre in bed and she thinks its to help himself believe shes really here with him. In fact, he seems to be a blessing rather than a curse. It was the doctor's turn to look nonplussed. Of course, that means someone did something bad, so here's your warning for attempted sexual assault. Darcy Lewis had no idea a trip to Germany would result in her being kidnapped by a God, that God being the brother of Thor at that. tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits. It was time to move on with his life. Darcy y Jane deciden ir a Nuevo Asgard para que Darcy conozca a la nueva novia de Jane O La historia en la que Darcy cumple el clich de la mejor amiga que se preocupa por las intenciones de Valkiria con Jane, Trigger Warnings:CancerViolenceDeathSmutNON-SEXUAL Age regression. However, when she and her sister, Jane, get caught up in . There's yelling, arguing, stupid pranks, and pure chaos that everyone else is starting to get sick of. An unlikely group of six is sent back in time to fix the universe before Thanos gets a chance to break it. Sign . Only a Dream Away by Center of the Galaxy reviews. Quite literally, Loki Odinson, James Bucky Barnes and Alex Barnes have been through hell to get to where they are now. Only one can survive. [Author's Note: This is my first time writing in this fandom, but I knew immediately than when I started, it would have to be Darcy/Bruce all the way. Me, Darcy doesnt say but her blood red lips curl into a smile, sea green eyes roving over his frame. Thor and Val constantly rub and grate against each other in public, which is how they show affection for each other in their own way, but there are also soft moments like these. Now Eddie is missing, Venom is an anxious symbiotic mess, and somehow, someone thought adding Ninjas to the mix would be a good plan. A few seconds later cameras are flashing in his face and people want him to elaborate on the statement. ev rider transport battery,